UpDIG Brings in Top Sales for Double Up Colorado

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In just half a season through our innovative channels, UpDIG Farm + Grocery has earned top sales for Double Up Food Bucks, LiveWell Colorado’s program offering USDA SNAP customers the opportunity to receive fresh, Colorado-grown produce, dollar-for-dollar, for every SNAP purchase they make.
UpDIG Farm + Grocery is not a typical USDA-authorized farm stand. We are a social enterprise offering a range of interconnected solutions for urban food challenges. From mobile produce carts to pop-up shops, in-store produce kiosks, urban farms, and a network of organic growers across Colorado and the West, we are constantly cycling through a range of approaches, collecting measurable observations, and learning as we go.

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UpDIG’s Integrative Design Philosophy

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The Integrative Design process is UpDIG’s guiding philosophy in our approach to projects and product development. And, as it’s essentially “in our DNA” as an agency, we put it directly into our name. “UpDIG” can be considered an acronym for “Urban and Peri-urban Design Integration Group”… even if we think just “UpDIG” seems to make the most sense from the ground level view of things, which is where we like to be. So, what exactly is Integrative Design?

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For More Efficient Farm Aid, Think Smaller

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If you asked a Water Minister from a developing country what makes a product or service successful, you might hear an answer that would have sounded familiar forty years ago. At World Water Forum 6 last March in Marseille, politicos measured the progress of their projects in figures such as the number of hectares that have come under new irrigation, or large-scale dam projects that are nearly complete and so on. Those kinds of figures should give a sense of deja vu if you worked on water projects during the Green Revolution from the 1940s to the 1970s. The fact that we’re using those same metrics raises some questions. Why should India need a new green revolution when it supposedly already happened there forty years ago? Why should Mexico be trumpeting adherence to integrated water resource management principles in irrigation reform fifty years after their green revolution? And those questions raise a bigger one: What exactly is sustainable water management?

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