Integrative Design for a Climate-Smart World

What We Do

We streamline markets to help
businesses adapt to a changed climate,
and produce healthier outcomes for
everyone on the planet.

How We Do It

We build peer-to-peer Web3 platforms
that drive climate-smart finance and
knowledge exchange to regenerate
rural areas as hubs of innovation.

Where We Focus

We work in urban and rural areas where
market failures and/or environmental
challenges have created a need to
right-scale the food/water/energy nexus.

Who We Are

We bring decades of experience in
integrative and high-tech design
around food, water, energy, and
north/south direct trade.


urban and rural communities share important roles in producing healthier food, environments, and regenerative economies.
We are here to help foster the knowledge exchange, solutions, and adaptations between urban and rural contexts in support of the planet’s 500 million+ small-scale farmers, as well as the ever-increasing billions of city dwellers around the world.

The only constant is constant change. Embrace IT.

A User

If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse.

Henry Ford

What box? First of all, what is a box?


The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.

G.K. Chesterton
Web3 Knowledge Exchange

No matter how well we think we may know an industry or context, our “Integrative Design” approach dictates we engage every project or idea from a “zero assumptions” basis in order to chart best ways forward.

Strategic Communications

Relying on extensive expertise in platform development, we offer multiple channels to explore the various angles of attack on communications—internal, external, social, experiential—scaled and integrated appropriately to the goals of each project phase.

North/South Direct Trade

Our experience in global development allows us to identify hidden value in reverse innovation, knowledge share, and triple bottom line impact for all four hemispheres of the world.

Emerging Market Entry

We realize it’s far more than just right-scaling a product for an underserved market or developing world context. It’s a complete reassessment of values, need, and consumer behavior.

Climate-Smart Carbon Exchange

We seek to allow landowners and investors to put their verified carbon credits into an exchange to help fund ag and forestry projects that build soil or target other sustainable development goals.

Design for the Circular Economy

With on-the-ground experience in agriculture, waste management, and distributed energy systems, our “Integrative Design” approach supposes we need balance with our environment, but also that the environment is fluid, giving it a literal “seat at the table” of stakeholders.

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